AIM Talent Awards

worth of prizes!

Runner Up
Value of $20k+
  • Advertising package worth $15,000 for 1 year
  • Radio and social media interviews
  • Guaranteed performances
Third Place
Value of $15k+
  • Advertising package worth $10,000 for 1 year
  • Radio and social media interviews
  • Guaranteed performances
All Finalists
Value of $5k+
  • Advertising credit worth $1,000
  • Radio and social media interviews

About the Contest

The AIM Talent Awards is an annual talent contest organized by the AIM Association, designed to celebrate and promote multicultural talent from around Australia. This dynamic event seeks to uncover and showcase the diverse skills and creativity of performers from various cultural backgrounds, offering them a platform to gain exposure and public opportunities.

The contest is open to individuals 16 years of age or over, presenting a wide array of talents including singing, dancing, instrumental performances, and other unique acts that highlight cultural heritage. Participants go through several rounds of auditions, with the most exceptional talents advancing to the final stages of the competition.

Throughout the contest, a panel of esteemed judges, composed of industry professionals and cultural icons, evaluates the performances based on criteria such as originality, skill, and cultural representation. The audience also plays a crucial role, with opportunities to vote for their favorite acts, adding to the excitement and engagement of the event.

Winners of the AIM Talent Awards receive not only prestigious trophies and recognition but also significant opportunities to perform at high-profile events, collaborate with renowned artists, and gain media coverage. The contest aims to empower multicultural talents, fostering a sense of pride and unity through the celebration of diverse cultural expressions.

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Contest Stages


Applying for the AIM Talent Awards is a straightforward and convenient process that can be completed entirely online. To participate, aspiring contestants need to access the application form. The form requires entrants to provide essential personal information, details about their talent, and a brief description of their performance. Once the form is filled out, applicants must pay a nominal application fee to finalise their submission. This fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with organising the competition. By completing these simple steps, talented individuals can secure their chance to showcase their skills on a prestigious platform and gain valuable exposure.




The audition process for the AIM Talent Awards is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive, allowing participants to showcase their unique skills and creativity. After registering online and submitting an application form, participants are invited to attend preliminary auditions. These auditions are conducted in person in order to allow the jury to make a well-informed decision. During the audition, participants perform their chosen act in front of a panel of preliminary judges who evaluate based on originality, skill, and cultural representation. Successful candidates from the preliminary round advance to the the final competition, where they have the chance to perform on a grand stage and compete for prestigious awards and opportunities. This structured and supportive process ensures that all participants have a fair and rewarding experience.

Auditions may be filmed and used in social media campaigns promoting the AIM Talent Awards or the candidates themselves. 

Final Performance

The final performance of the AIM Talent Awards is the culmination of the competition, where the most exceptional talents take the stage to deliver their captivating acts. This grand event features a diverse array of performances, each reflecting the cultural heritage and creativity of the participants. During the finals, the audience plays a crucial role by voting for their top three finalists after the first round of performances. These top three acts then perform a second time, allowing the distinguished panel of judges to make their final decision and select the winner. Winners of the contest are not only awarded prestigious trophies but also receive guaranteed opportunities to perform in front of large audiences, including high-profile events such as the Oz Arab Media Gala Dinner. This provides them with invaluable exposure and the chance to collaborate with renowned artists, furthering their careers in the entertainment industry. The final performance is a celebration of talent and cultural diversity, marking a significant milestone in the journey of each participant.

Ready to Perform?

Applications will close on July 15. Audition dates will be announced soon.